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We know that not everybody is going to choose epraise, and that's fine. Competition is great for schools, because it means cheaper prices, more innovation and most importantly, better outcomes for students. So that we can make the decision making process quicker and easier for schools, we've compiled some information and some comparisons below to highlight both our and our competitor's strengths.

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Satchel (ShowMyHomework)

ShowMyHomework, founded in 2011, is now known as Satchel. They work with more than 1500 UK secondary schools and now offer more than just homework tools.


ClassCharts, founded in 2012, is now owned by the TES (Times Educational Suppliment). They specialise in seating plans but also have other tools within their platform.

Vivo class (Vivo miles)

Vivo miles, founded in 2007, offer an online rewards system where students can purchase items based on their balance of 'Vivos'. They are now known as 'Vivo Class'.


SchoolComms, founded in 2004, is now owned by ParentPay. The are the most established parental communication solution, offering a variety of tools to help keep in touch with parents.


Frog, founded in 2009, offer a Virtual Learning Environment that supports many schools in the UK with both their legacy on-site offering as well as their more up to date cloud experience.

Which should we choose?

Obviously we'd like you to choose epraise, but we know you need to compare products before you make a decision, so here's a handy company comparison table. Note that some companies don't list all information (e.g. their prices) so there are a few you might have to fill in yourself. Don't forget to consider things like the financial stability of the company and the reliability of their platform.

What features does each product have?

One theme of the last few years has been in the use of a single platform to perform many tasks. At epraise, we think this a great idea, so here's a checklist of what our platform and our competitor platforms can and can't do.

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